ROUTE 30km


If you are wondering how it is possible on an island with the highest peak at 680 meters to take a route of almost 30 km length and a positive altitude of 2,000 meters,  the only thing you have to do is joining  the first Sifnos Trail Race on 5 May '18 and discover it!

We have used only a few of the many inscribed paths of the island, as well as some that are not on the map and we could not leave outside the unique natural relief of the highest mountain, Profitis Ilias. The result is an impressive route with continuous alternation of terrain and slopes that will test your strength but will show you much of the island and will reward you with the unique view of the Aegean Sea and the neighboring Cyclades Islands!

You will start from the beach in Kamares and we recommend that you have a good warm up because in the first 2.5 km to Agios Simeon (1st station) you will climb 500 meters altitude! Then you enter a very good path that alternates between stone and soil, and without high altitudes you will reach Apollonia, which after passing you will reach Fyrogia (2nd station - 9km).

Here begins the second demanding uphill that will take you to Profitis Ilias (3rd stop -12 km) where it is the highest point of the route, where the panoramic view is impressive!! Then you will meet the most technical part of the route because after 3 km you move along the ridge, on rocky terrain and on a rudimentary path that is mainly used by goats! Arriving at Drosero, take a good footpath which goes downhill and leads you to Panagia Toso Nero (4th station - 16km). You are now in the Natura area, which is wild and unexplored, without the possibility of approaching it by motorized vehicles, where important elements are forests of cedars, springs and marine biotopes!

With small slopes you are heading to Agia Marina Flambouro and shortly afterwards you will find an convenient  soiled road that will allow you to run more relaxed for about 2 km before going back to the path to Taxiarchis Skafis ,  that will take you back to Fyrogia (5th station - 23 km).

Next you will find  1300m downhill road that will allow you to digest the energy you got from the station and you will need to get to the last uphill (370m) for Ai Lefteris (6th station - 26km). The next km to Kapsalos is very fast and from here begins the impressive and quite technical descent for the Kamares and the finish line next to the sea.

You have completed a total of 29.5 km with Y + 1940m. Dive without fear, you deserve  it!



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